Music Beijing palm expo 2016: JOYO continues to provide fantastic gear for music lovers

Date:2016-06-07 Clicks:2526

As a member of JOYO’s brand operation team, I just came back from the Music Beijing palm expo 2016, as JOYO is becoming all the more popular, booth’s size is growing as well, I’m delighted to see JOYO’s growth, like my child grows up day by day…

Now let’s take a brief look at JOYO at Music Beijing palm expo 2016!

At JOYO’s booth, you can see the posters of 2016 HUACHANG M-force music competition, including the well-known partners of YOUKUMUSIC, MUSIC.TUDOU,, Alliance Art Group, SOUTH FEST.CN music festival, Roxy Rocker, GuitarChina and more.

We intend to offer a platform for the unknown musicians where they can show their music and let our audience appreciate their music.

When you walk into JOYO’s booth, you will find that it was designed in a simple and pure style: it is for you to play guitar! You can find testing areas and guitars in all directions of our booth, together with soft sofas, when you come, just sit down, play the guitar and enjoy yourself. You can choose whatever you like, from various tube amplifiers, effect pedals, digital guitar amplifiers to acoustic guitar amplifiers!


I captured this cute little boy!

The little boy was so interested in the electric guitar when he heard his dad’s skillful performance.

I cannot help taking more pictures for them:(the following are my imaginary conversation)

"Come on, let dad show you, pluck the strings like this…"

"Look, it is called amplifier, the sound comes from it."

"Oh, dad, you forgot to turn up the Tone knob. "

Isn’t it heart-warming?

Clients at the booth can have a lucky draw, 100% winning rate, for real.

JOYO launched 2 more tones to our fist products---Ironman series pedal, with the latest models of “Nebulous” and “OCHO”, now the Ironman series contains 30 pedals in all! Its design is not only “mini”, but also “human oriented”, all the people that have tried it said they loved the knob-guard design, very practical! 

During this expo, JOYO released another blockbuster product: BANTAMP mini tube guitar amplifier: mini, loud, genuine tube feel, besides, it can be accompanied by Bluetooth, therefore, you don’t need computer at all while playing the guitar! 

The new products can be pre-ordered in August, 2016, we don’t adopt hungry marketing, but we attach great importance to product’s reliability! So stay tuned!