JOYO tube amps on stage! quick review of 2016 HUACHANG M-force music competition

Date:2016-06-23 Clicks:2739

2016 HUACHANG M-force music final competition was completed in Shenzhen yesterday, excellent musicians of the new generation competed with each other, the champion(band), first runner-up(band)and second runner-up(band)won bountiful cash award and outstanding musicians won prizes such as effect pedals provided by JOYO, guitars provided by G&M, drums provided by Dixon.

JOYO is the exclusively appointed brand of amplifiers and effect pedals for this competition, in order to cater to contestants’ needs, 3 sets of JOYO tube amplifiers and 2 sets of Marshall amplifiers(always the first choice for domestic concerts) are available, they can choose whatever they like. We found that a few contestants chose JOYO tube amplifiers for their performance.

Here is the quick report from JOYO’s photographer Plume, let’s try to find JOYO in 2016 HUACHANG M-force music final competition!

As an electroacoustic musical instrument brand of China, we hope that JOYO can grow with domestic band’s culture and make progress together!

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