JOYO’s acoustic amplifier AC-40 was chosen for Shanxi province acoustic guitar contest

Date:2016-09-01 Clicks:2120

2016 Shanxi province acoustic guitar contest was completed, during its six preliminaries and one final, you can see JOYO’s AC series acoustic amplifiers from each contest. Let’s take a look.

Judge Zhangli was reviewing attentively

The contest drew a large audience

The judge wearing JOYO T-shirt, whose arm is covered in tattoos, he is so cool!Who is he? Well, I have no idea

After the contest, many of the contestants said that JOYO’s AC series acoustic amplifiers are awesome, with them, we can play the guitar with great feeling!

What on earth is AC-40?

The AC-40 acoustic amplifier is developed on the basis of the popular AC-20. While retaining the high sound quality, it is more powerful, more portable due to its built in battery and therefore a great choice for outdoor performances. Its 40W (RMS) power can easily meet the requirements for small live shows, and can be used as long as 3 hours continuously when fully charged. Based on the AC-20’s DSP circuit, it delivers the same sonic clarity and will satisfy your amplifier demands without a doubt.

Main Features:

● An amplification characteristic and EQ curve specially designed for acoustic guitars. It gives you a nice and bright treble with rich mid-low frequencies.

● 40W of power(20W+20W)

● Built-in high performance DSP chip to provide 3DSP effects(CHORUS,DELAY, REVERB)

● 3 DSP effects can be used simultaneously.

● A dynamic microphone channel gives you a clear and powerful vocal sound.

● Mic channel features a reverb.

● AUX IN to connect CD player, MP3 or similar devices.

● Built-in rechargeable battery to support outdoor performances.

● As long as 3 hours of usage when fully charged.

       Dimension:390LX200WX267H mm