JOYO at Music China (Shanghai) 2016

Date:2016-11-25 Clicks:2730

JOYO’s booth was overcrowded, many new products of JOYO have won the praise from guitarists, musicians, clients from all over the world. Thanks for everyone’s support, we will do our utmost and create more great products!

JOYO’s booth was overcrowded

All-tube, multipath guitar amp named Klonz is sheer dynamite

JOYO’s artist, GRAMMY Awards Winner Jose de castro changed his amplifier for live performance into the Klonz amplifier after he tried it.

German engineer was adjusting the knobs of the Klonz amplifier.

Jose adjusted the knobs of the Klonz amplifier before his live performance.

Jose’s favorite and frequently-used pedals together with the lightest pedal board in the world named Pedal carpet.

Pedal Carpet & Pedal Carpet lightweight bag

A brand new, tailor-made Ironman armor.

Showcase for the IRONMAN pedals.

Effect pedal wall

2016 Bluetooth tube amplifiers, 20 Watt head: banTamP series.

Jose’s fantastic performance attracted numerous audience.

Although it was raining heavily and chilly,the fans were enthusiastic and standing before the stage in the open air, enjoying Jose’s guitar performance.

Jose with his unique and customized Fender master build

9 years old performer YOYO.

YOYO was rehearsing

YOYO is going viral, with numerous likes on social media in China and overseas, well done, YOYO.

Customers were testing AC series: portable acoustic guitar amplifiers.

Busy colleagues