JOYO has grown in popularity at the 14th M.I.Expo in Guangzhou

Date:2017-03-09 Clicks:2006

A panorama of JOYO booth, amps, posters. The striking orange and black background sets off the white LOGO of JOYO.

The background wall of European flavor and genuine leather sofa provided the most comfortable testing gear environment for guitarists and customers.

JOYO’s showcase for effect pedals

Posters for the brand new generation of guitar multi-effects processor GEM BOX II and IRON LOOP digital phrase looper from the Ironman series.

All-tube, multipath guitar amp named Klonz is sheer dynamite.

Ever since banTamP series(Bluetooth tube amplifiers, 20 Watt head) launched into the market, they have won the recognition from customers and guitarists at home and abroad. At this Expo in Guangzhou, banTamP series became all the more popular!

A close-up for banTamP: JACKMAN.

Overseas clients were adjusting the knobs of Ironman and Dr.J series effect pedals attentively.

JOYO BEALE STREET JCA-12:12 Watt classic Blues amp.

JOYO MJOLNIR JMA-15 can do much more than just metal, its clean channel can give you a nice sound, and you can obtain warm LOW GAIN by adding GAIN to the clean channel.

JOYO AC series acoustic guitar amps are well received.

JOYO JAM BUDDY Dual channel 2x4W pedal guitar amp is perfect for practicing guitar.

The JOYO TOP-GT is a small and portable device that combines a Bluetooth speaker with a guitar amp, with built-in effect and can be connected with your mobile device and use any guitar app to use its sounds and play them through the TOP-GT.

Overseas clients

Dr.J ’s engineer Dee Leung took a selfie with a friend during a break.

The customers were testing the bass amp: JBA-100

Different tuners

Guitar master Tsai Jian’s performance drew a large audience.

The rock band consists of children was very eye-catching, which made several traffic jams in the exhibition hall.

The stylish bass player

The little lead vocal is so adorable!