JOYO Roll Boost LISTED AS 10 BEST Boost Guitar Pedals of 2016

Date:2017-03-14 Clicks:2341

We are excited to announce that our very own Roll Boost effect pedal has been included in Ezvid's Wiki of the top 10 best guitar boost pedals for 2016. (Founded in 2011, Ezvid Wiki was the world’s first video wiki, and is now about the top 3000 websites in the United States)

The list was compiled with twenty-five hours of research, and no influence from any of the effect pedal manufactures. The comprehensive video wiki guide was newly published for 2017 in the music category. Please view the video wiki at this url:

Product features:

-       Classic A circuitry, a flip of the switch gives you up to a 35dB boost.

-       Supports a maximum input of 18V DC voltage.

-       True bypass design.

-       DIMENSIONS:118*62*56mm

-       Weight:0.24KG