JOYO at Music China (Shanghai) 2017

Date:2017-10-25 Clicks:2713

JOYO showcased many innovative new products at Music China(Shanghai) 2017,

including all-tube, multipath guitar amp named Klonz, Bluetooth tube amplifiers, 20 Watt head: banTamP series, new models of effect pedals for R series and more.

A panorama of JOYO’s booth

JOYO Stage

Dr. J series effect pedals

JOYO 30 series effect pedals

IRONMAN series mini effect pedals

JOYO tuners

JOYO power supply

MA-10E Mini guitar amp

JOYO Digital Wireless Transmitter&Receiver

The brand new R series effect pedals

JOYO AC series acoustic guitar amps & DC series digital guitar amps

The whole new AC-60 Acoustic Guitar Amp

JBA series BASS Amp

JCA-12: Beale street 12W Vintage Blues Amp & JMA-15: Mjolnir 15W Dual-channel head

JOYO’s booth was overcrowded.

Customers were trying JOYO products.

JOYO’s artist, GRAMMY Awards Winner Jose de castro adjusted the knobs of the effect pedals before his live performance.

Jose’s gear

Jose on Joyo Stage

Jose was taking photos with fans.

Jose’s guitar performance at FAST musical instrument party.

The Klonz amp has become Jose’s first choice, and he used it for most of his performance.

JOYO’s artist: YOYO was playing guitar on the stage.

YOYO’s fabulous performance attracted numerous audience.