JOIN ROCK N' ROLL 2018 TOUR with Jose De Castro

Date:2018-05-25 Clicks:1584

On May 6, 2018, JOYO artist Jose De Castro and JOYO started the 2018 "Join Rock n' Roll" tour, this tour lasted for 15 days and visited 12 cities in Southern China, and Guangzhou was the last destination, Jose completed the tour neatly on May 20, 2018.


Lots of musicians were amazed by Jose's guitar tone and were so curious about what gears he used during the tour, now we’re gonna unveil Jose's tone:

Pedal Carpet&Bagsoft material pedalboard and the bag specially-made for the pedal carpet, it’s much more convenient and space-saving.

JF-18R: a pedal combining both Tuner and Power supply functions

JF-322: Wow-Wah auto wah pedal from Ironman pedal series 

JF-312: pipebomb,Compressor from Ironman pedal series

DR.J JDC:JOYO high end Dr.J series Jose's signature pedal

JF-01:  JOYO' s classical overdrive pedal, one of the favorite pedals for Jose

JF-305:  Ironman series overdrive pedal, gives the extra gain with JF-01 or JDC active 

JF-329:  Ironman series Looper

JF-304:  Time Magic delay pedal from Ironman series

During the tour, Jose has been using 6 different JOYO amps!

1. Beale Street

2. Bantamp Jackman

3. Bantamp Atomic

4. Bantamp Zombie

5. Mjonir

6. Dual Klonz

More moments from the tour!

Returned to Shenzhen, at JOYO's recording studio, Jose recorded one melodic song from his latest album "Breathe"