JOYO at 2019 Music Guangzhou

Date:2019-03-07 Clicks:2256

JOYO showcased many new products at 2019 Music Guangzhou from Feb. 24-27, 2019, let’s take a quick review of it.


Firebrand from the Bantamp series, with compact size and fabulous tone.



R series pedals


They adopt the whole new algorithm and iconic ambience LED light, catering to the customers.


Both the classic WAH: WAH-1(black) and the multimode WAH: WAH-2(red) feature WAH-WAH and VOLUME functions(toggle switch).


D-SEED II: an updated version of D-SEED, with 8 built-in delay effects and 1 LOOPER mode, and switchable PingPong effect. Meanwhile, it features stereo input and output.



BSK-60 a rechargeable busking amplifier, dual channel for acoustic guitar and vocal, independent EQ for each channel, and it features various practical functions for outdoor performance, built-in CHORUS/DELAY/REVERB for instrument channel, anti-feedback function for acoustic guitar, built-in LOOPER, 3.5mm line out for connecting smart phone/computer, making it easier for you to have a high level sound quality in live-stream.


Gem Box III: Guitar effects processor & amp modeler

It features smart reversed modeling technique, with 61 preamp modulation, so the tone is quite similar to real amplifiers, compatible with JOYO STUDIO software to upload AMP models. With 9 built-in effects modules, 157 effects types in all. 300 preset tones are available.


Guitar master Tsai Jian’s fabulous performance drew a large audience.


JOYO’s booth was overcrowded.


Here is a close-up for Tsai Jian’s gears:

R-04 ZIP AMP (Overdrive)

R-03 UZI (Distortion)

JF-316 Future Chorus

R-07 AQUARIUS (Delay+Looper)

As for the amp, he chose JOYO all-tube, multipath guitar amp DUALKLONZ.


During Tsai Jian’s second performance, he replaced the R-03: UZI (Distortion) with JF-311: the blue rain (Overdrive).


The music lovers were so interested in JOYO pedals, and all our seats were taken.


Music lovers were trying GEM BOX III.


Music lovers were trying WAH pedal and R series.


Music lovers were trying JOYO Beale Street Amp.


@爱摇滚的法兰奇 was interviewing JOYO’s CEO Jack Lee.


2 bands from Guangzhou consists of children were quite eye-catching, their performance was excellent.





See you next time!