IRONMAN Mini Pedals Details>>

      From now on you needn’t worry about the tone-setting will be changed, IRONMAN series will be the most reliable weapon for your stage.

Effects Pedals Details>>

      Every JOYO effects unit is individually tested and approved by professional musicians. We are committed to providing outstanding tone--youll know it when you hear it!

Tuners and Metronomes Details>>

      With their stylish minimalist design, JOYO tuner products pick up your instrument's string frequency based on the vibration made when you pluck the string. Our tuners are highly accurate, weather-resistant, and easy to operate.

EQ Systems Details>>

      JOYO EQ system series products provide a detailed reproduction of your instruments original sound; with your own adjustments of the high and low frequencies, you can make it sound even better. JOYO technology strives to provide the consumer with thoughtful and practical features and design. Users will know the heart we put into their product every time they play!

Rock House Details>>

      Want to play music? No rehearsal room? Don't worry... ROCK HOUSE is always open! Unique silent design lets you play wherever you want. Your bedroom or garage, your classroom or living room--anywhere can be your new practice space! Call the band and get your jam on wherever you'd like, without disturbing the peace. Get those new songs down and get the band playing tight...with Rock House!

Electric Erhu Details>>

      A simple way to practice erhu without sacrificing the traditional feel. It's the perfect union of ancient beauty and new-era technology.

Wireless System Details>>

      What makes JOYO wireless systems different from the rest, apart from high sound quality and reliable signal, is the attention to useful features that affect tone and use, not to mention a great looking design.

Practice Pad Drum Details>>

      JOYO drum series offers a stylish, streamlined body and large practice surface area. Users can enjoy silent practice according to parameters such as beat, speed, count, alarm clock, and time to accomplish their drumming goals!

Amplifiers Details>>

      JOYO offers a series of amplifiers that give musicians of different instruments plenty of options: everything from tube to digital amps, vintage to modern tones. Want to get the sounds of a JCM? Plexi? Twin? You got it!

Power Supplies Details>>

      Reliable, quiet power with short-circuit and overheat protection.

Accessories Details>>

      Got your instrument. Now it's time to accessorize!

Audio Cable Details>>

      Our cables are crafted with high quality PVC and pure copper conductors. PVC inner shields protect signal quality and guard against interference. Our cables are accurate, standard lengths and are engineered for reliable, durable performance.