The pxl-live is the newest member of the joyo pxl series programmable pedals controllers - pxl4, pxl8, pxl-pro. the pxl-live is a very powerful pedal controller. It not only has dual 4 channel outputs like the pxlpro,and dual (relay)switch outputs for channel switching, it also has midi out. Programmable midi commands can be sent enabling you to control midi enabled devices such as: effect pedals, effects racks, keyboards or amps through the midi port.The pxl-live can send midi cc and midi program change commands at the same time and will allow “Hands free”control of your computer recording software. for musicians who own a lot of musical gear, the pxl-live will be the perfect pedal controller to make life easier. 

.Fully programble
.Dual 4 channel loop design
.2 ×on board fully programble trigger switch(relay)
.1 X midi out
.Midi cc and midi program change command are available simultaneously
.Buffered bypass
.Rated power supply votage:dc 9v
.Rated current consumption:220ma 



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