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2019-08-05 13:53
My name is Ksantyp. I' m Polish guitarist living in London. I am interested in electric guitar since 1992, when I had got my first axe.
Since then I never stopped exploring the nature of the guitar sound.
I used to play in bands, work in studios, I was Guitar Tech for big Polish Rock bands. Now I have focused on testing gear and sharing videos on my vlog FILMIKI O GITARACH.
I am The guitar maniac and great collector.
I collect electric guitars, having something around 30 of them at that time, including Gibson, Fender, Jackson, Fenix, Ibanez, Dean and many others... with the willing of opening Guitar Stuff Museum when retired.
The same like with the guitars I collect guitar effects as well, just having 70 something of them. Most of  them are from JOYO. I am starting my amp collection as well having only 3 them at the moment.
In the recent century  (1997-2003) I used to play in Mu Metal – Post Grunge band called MOUTZA with couple of successes in Polish Underground.
This year (2015) after almost 5 years of hard work, me and my friends realised LP.
The band is called NTK Ekipa and it is project of friends living in different  countries to make music together over the Internet, after long work we got full long play NTK EKIPA - „SZARY ALBUM”
NTK Ekipa is connection of heavy guitars with rappers. Project is  a part of Polish Hip Hop Group ENTEKA, which is covering all the aspects of Hip Hop culture.
NTK Ekipa's album was recorded on more then 20 guitars, there is 9 songs in Hard Core, Nu Metal style. Album is realised in classic jewel box with booklet, just like in 1990'
With my drummer Vectre, we responsible for all the music and production on the „Szary Album”. I' ve have recorded all the instrumental parts in my home studio. Joyo US Dream was used for the rehersals during composing of the music.
https://youtu.be/thHIE1xPHAY?list=PL5pTXOah24cWaI-XqBgtbFndNvjIq7Wsa – NTK Ekipa
I got my guitar Chanell on YouTube. I am the first Polish guitarist making videos about the guitar stuff, I ve started back in 2007 when there was nobody making it in my country. Since then I have developed FOG – Filmiki O Gitarach. It is like guitar vlog, where I can share my oppinion and tests of gear with the audience. Joyo is  a huge part of my YT activity. I have tested tuners, effects and power supply.
I use Joyo pedals for something like 2 years now, it all started with US Dream, I bought it and I was amazed by thhe sound of it. I think it is one ofthe best drives I ve ever had, before i was in love with Shredmaster, now US Dream is my fav sound. I got 20 Joyo pedals now, which I use every day to record the guitar tests, I love new series IRONMAN, as I can put like 9 of them next to each other and  change the sounds. Classic Chorus is my main chorus pedal and I use Power Supply 2 to give it all the power. I am JOYO messenger in Poland.
My Joyo videos:
Main Gear:
Gibson SG Faded
Gibson Les Paul Special
Gibson Flying V
Charvel 650XL
Marshall TSL 60
Joyo Old School
Joyo US Dream
Joyo Husky Drive
Red's Music Cables
And many many others including all the Joyo Effects series, different guitars and amps.
JOYO are the best effects – quality/price factor here is huge, they so cheap and three times more good, proving you don't need boutique prestige to sound great.
Keep on rockin' all over the World Joyo People !!!


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