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DualKlonz Amp

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DualKlonz Amp
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The DUALKLONZ is unlike any other amplifier you know, and it is also exactly like many amps you know. “What are they guys at JOYO smoking?”

Would be a justified reaction to this claim.

For years, the digital community has tried to bring us flexible amplifiers that use software to model the behavior of tube amps. The technology is getting better and less and less distinguishable from “the real thing”, but sadly, it is not real tubes, real analog signal paths. And there is no physical interaction between the amp and the player.


To many players the difference is still very apparent and they still love their all-tube amps. Those amps sound great, but they don’t offer you the choice of different amps on stage or in the studio, unless you bring many of them. It is that convenience that drives us to look into the digital world.


The KLONZ can bring you this convenience and still be 100% all tube.


Imagine you had the circuits of some of the most iconic amps all on one circuit board and you could use relays to switch between them. You’ll get the drive behavior, the breakup, the compression, everything just like those amps you always dreamed of having in your collection.


Now imagine you can switch between them with a phone or tablet by using an app. Or using a simple USB connection, or even MIDI for live applications.


Don’t imagine. It’s here.


The JOYO “ KLONZ ” features a Vintage channel, with some of the most iconic amp circuits of the last 60 years, and a Modern channel that can give you the tones of the amps that came after
them. Here you can find some of your rock and metal favorites and high-gain lead sounds from amplifiers that made history, but also more modern voiced low gain sounds.


You can also control every relay independently for thousands of new combinations.

Oh, did we mention that the power amp also features all the circuits of those classic amps? Yes, it does. All you have to do to get closer to the original is follow the tube guide in the app, turn off the amp, change the tubes (no need for matched pairs tubes or biasing) and enjoy a different side of the KLONZ amp.


The amp accepts EL84, EL34, 6L6, 5881, 6V6, KT66, KT88 and many more.


We encourage you to experiment. One amp’s preamp with another type of power amp circuit and tubes that have never been used in that configuration. You might just find the amp you’ve always been looking for, the one that no one has built yet.

Imagine a studio session where you show up with one amp, a few other tubes and a bucket full of ideas. You can take out your phone, which will connect with Bluetooth automatically as soon as you open the app, and dial in some sounds to express your ideas. For a live show, just set up your amp as a dual channel blues amp one night and a metal monster for a different gig the next. You can also use a MIDI controller to switch Circuits in between songs (takes about 1-2 seconds) to have all these sounds available during the set.


Of course we didn’t forget about an FX Loop.The amp also has a BOOST switch to make the Modern Preamp even more flexible.


We added a second speaker output section which can be switched remotely. This enables you to use one cab for the clean/overdrive sounds and another for the heavier sounds and always have the perfect speaker for the “amp” of your choice.

Channel, Boost and Speaker Out can be switched with standard 1/4“ cables so that is will be easy to incorporate this amp into a setup that uses a looper/switcher with Switch/Trigger Outs (Like the JOYO PXL Line)


But you know what? Forget about all of that! Just play it and find out for yourself what the real thing sounds like. After that, everything else is just icing on the cake! 

Preamp Tubes-Vintage Preamp : 1x ECC83S/12AX7 ; 1x 12AY7
Preamp Tubes-Modern Preamp : 3x ECC83S/12AX7
Power Amp Tubes (factory standard): 1x ECC83S/12AX7 ; 2 x 6L6
Output Power : from 15 to 25 W RMS, depending on power tubes
Power consumption: 150W
Mains voltage tolerance: +/- 10%
Operating Temperature: From 10° to 35° C
Mains fuse: 110-120V~60Hz: T2AL,220-240V~50Hz: T1AL
Input: 6.3mm Unbalanced, 1 MOhm
Send/Return: 6.3mm Unbalanced, 1 KOhm / 1MOhm
Speakers Out: 6.3mm 8 Ohm and 4 Ohm
Speakers Out with 6V6 and EL84 Tubes: 6.3mm 16 Ohm and 8 Ohm
Cab Footswitch: 6.3 mm mono jack
Channel Footswitch: 6.3mm Stereo Jack. Tip: Boost. Sleeve: Channel
Dimensions: 60 L *25 W *31 H cm
Weight: 14.63kg


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