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BSK series

BSK-60 Acoustic amp
Product description
Control and connection mode
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Specially designed for acoustic guitar
BSK-60 amp is specially designed for acoustic guitar, with 60W(RMS) power. Its EQ curve is tailor-made for acoustic guitar, with built-in anti-feedback function and guitar signal phase inverter function, offering a nice and bright treble with rich mid-low frequencies.
Special frequency response for vocal
BSK-60 has a mic input channel, we've optimized mic amplification circuit, say, the special frequency response for vocal, so the human voice signal becomes much clearer and stronger. Besides, the mic channel features an independent reverb effect, beautifying your singing.



It can supply power to pedals
DC OUT function(supplies power to pedals) (DC 9V/ 500mA)

With various audio playing methods
Like most guitar amps, BSK-60 has AUX IN jack, Bluetooth 4.0, connecting CD player, MP3 to jam along or practice.

XLR jack connects to mixer, several BSK-60 connect together through LINE IN/LINE OUT
LINE IN/LINE OUT for connecting to other amps, XLR jack for connecting to the mixer.


Dub unlimited LOOPER facilitates onstage jamming
Built-in 30 seconds dub unlimited LOOPER function It’s capable of dubbing your performance unlimitedly, Just one guitar brings out several guys’ jam session, facilitating performance & live

Host function, indispensible to internet celebrity
BSK60 features live recording output jack for cell phone live broadcasting, whether indoor or outdoor, no need to worry about the noisy places, the internet celebrities can offer pleasant live broadcast to their fans.


A high-performance DSP chip
With a built-in high-performance DSP chip, featuring several DSP digital effects(CHORUS, DELAY, REVERB, ANTI-FEEDBACK). Those DSP digital effects can be used simultaneously, which is rare from rivals' similar products.

Long battery life
With built-in lithium battery, normally, can be used for 8hrs continuously once fully charged, and ensure the whole performance unplugged.

Support bracket’s diameter: 35mm
Put the support bracket in BSK-60’s support hole, so you can prop up the amp with ease. (support bracket is not included in the packing list)

The cabinet’s timber has a thickness of 15mm, with greater density
Brings you the original wooden sound of your guitar With multifunctional footswitch pedal
A footswitch pedal in synch with the main unit is attached in the packing list. The footswitch pedal features quick mute, anti-feedback, record functions and more.

One 10-inch, 70W Bass unit 
Delivering subtle and natural Bass tone A supporting frame ensures optimum angle for giving off music

AC adapter input voltage AC100-240V 50-60Hz 
AC adapter output voltage DC24V/2.5A
Battery' S specification 18. 5V/6.6Ah(lithium battery)
Guitar input sensitivity -11.5dBV 1MΩ
Microphone input sensitivity -41dBV 100KΩ
AUX IN sensitivity -11.5dBV 2.2KΩ
LINE OUT 2 Jack output impedance 4.7KΩ
Headphone output impedance 32Ω
LINE IN Jack input impedance 10KΩ
LINE OUT Jack output impedance 10KΩ
BALANCED OUT Jack output impedance 1KΩ
Bass unit 10 inches , 4Ω, 70W
Treble unit 3 inches , 4Ω, 30W
Pedal-Guitar channel CHORUS, DELAY(The maximum is 500ms), REVERB
Pedal-MIC channel REVERB
Dimensions 50x29x37.5cm
Weight 14. 2kg
Looper 30s


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